Frequently Asked Questions

A: The two weeks free advertisement program is offered to any business owner that would like to take advantage of it. 

A: This is straightforward we give you two weeks of free advertisement on any of our 15 radio stations. all you have to do is pay a one-time fee to get a professional commercial produce for your business. 

A: We currently have listeners locally and around the world. this is a great opportunity for business owners to reach new customers. 

A: We have large and small business owners advertise on our station because advertising on radio is a great way to reach new customers. most businesses that advertise in our station enjoy an increase in new customers. 

A: Advertising your business after your trial is easy and simple by contact your sales representative. or if you have chosen not to opt out your ad plan, your advertisement we continue running until you cancel it. 

A: You are fully transparent with our customers, once your ad has been produced and set for broadcasting you will receive a full traffic report on the dates your ad will air. 


A: Very good question, we have a team of professional creative writers that assist you and writing your commercial, you will need to provide an overview of the products and services your company offer, and they will take it from there. 

A: This is another good question if you are enjoying the benefits of your advertisement plan on NAAB Radio you can upgrade your plan at any time by contacting your sales representative.